It is essential to reach a satisfactory compromise between resistance and lightness in the helmet sector. The need is born to develop special materials for the inside and outside shell, able to resist the hardest crash tests without making the final product weigh too much. Research in this direction is exactly one of VEMAR's strongest points.

Inside shell
Together with the Chemical Engineering department of Pisa University, VEMAR is engaged in research aimed at assessing reactions of the various types of foamed products to impact, not only polystyrene based but also polyolefine (omopolymers, copolymers or blends).

Outside plastic shell
Research on a thermoplastic combining the characteristics of stiffness and elasticity is being progressed together with the manufacturers. Modified polycarbonates and ABS are the basis of blends normally used by VEMAR.

Outside fibre shell
To the VEMAR they are studied and they are used, beyond to several the types of glass fiber, woven made up of aramidica, woven made up of carbon fiber and the HYBRID woven ones, obtained from the fiber combination of various nature. Moreover, in collaboration with the woven fiber producers and of, it is in course the experimentation of innovated woven types to you of realizes to you with autoestinguenti thermoplastic fibers and not polymer fibers.