Vemar Helmets' constant engagement in the racing sector is not only motivated by publicity reasons, but above all stems from the desire to develop and improve our products together with the riders who have chosen Vemar helmets because they are safe.

Using our products under the worst conditions on race tracks all over the world in fact gives us the chance to continuously improve our helmets and to develop new ones, always safer and technologically more advanced.

Working with Roberto Rolfo, Stefano Perugini, Youichi Ui (one of the very few Japanese riders using a made in Italy helmet) in the speed sector and with Alessio Chiodi and Garcia Vico in the cross sector, makes it possible for us to transfer to the large-scale production all those stratagems and improvements for the enjoyment of end-users when they use our products.

The work of technicians engaged in the racing service represents a store of technology and experience put to use in large-scale production.

Skilled technicians from our research and development department, always on the look out for new materials and technologies to continuously improve the safety and performance of Vemar helmets, study and analyze information from our riders.