Shell moulding.
The moulding lines exploit Vemar's twenty-year experience in processing composite fibres. The moulding shops are moreover equipped with the most technologically advanced machinery to produce not only shells for motorcyclists but also for moulding shells for car helmet shells and protective helmets for the Armed Forces. Study, research and utilizing the most modern and evolved composite fibres (e.g. aramidic fibres and carbon), processed together with best available resins, ensure an exceptional strength/lightness ratio. This is why Vemar Helmets is the top producer of fibre helmets in Europe.

Shell cutting.
The shell cutting shops are completely robotized and controlled by sophisticated electronic computers. They exploit the Water-Jet high-precision technology. A well-tested system is used for cutting resulting in continued quality even with production on a large scale.

Vemar Helmet painting shops are completely automatic, but are controlled by expert qualified technicians. The helmets are painted automatically and dried under u.v. lamps. This signifies large-scale production with continued quality. New technologies such as chromium plated painting were created in these shops (Vemar was the first to produce this type of painting on an industrial scale) or protective anti-ageing finishing. All environmental-friendly as Vemar has been using water based paints for years.

The firm has 4 shops for applying peelable decals for decorating the shells. Vemar uses the most technologically advanced decals currently available on the market. These are products that allow to apply on the helmet beautiful decorations characterised by a long-lasting quality. In fact Vemar was one of the first firms to use slip peelable decals, which have the advantage of being extremely thin.

Our helmets are assembled in the assembly shops and are scrupulously controlled for quality, starting from a control on each single component up to checking the finished helmet. These shops have a capacity to assemble over 1,500 helmets per day and are operated by expert qualified workers.

The Vemar Helmet testing laboratory is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment for crash testing and with sophisticated optical and spectrophometical benches for routine visor tests.

The certification of the machinery and highly professional skill of our technicians gave us the possibility of being qualified by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to operate on our own and subsequently carry out production tests in conformity to the ECE/ONU 22-05 standard. The laboratory moreover regularly works together with the research and development division to test new materials and helmets. Technology at the service of safety.

Vemar Helmets has a warehouse full of ready for shipment products in order to rapidly satisfy demands from our clients. About 40,000 helmets are always ready to be shipped to our sales points all over the world.