It uses our guide for the exchange and the management of the rows through the situated
one and from and for Vemar.
1) by e-mail to for files up to 4 Mb..
2) by FTP Browser at:
for files from 2 Mb up to 40 Mb.
3) by air mail in DVD format for files over 40 Mb e di qualsiasi dimensione.
Vemar Helmets s.r.l.
via Topazio, 31
58100 Grosseto (GR) - ITALIA
To notice: the time employed for the shipment of the rows to our Staff depends on the type Internet collegamente used. In the case of logons through traditional telephone line (modem 56K) we advise to send the elaborated one through the option n. 2 or 3.

- for any problems or suggestions plese send mail